Many businesses who are looking for packaging designers choose Raj Designs.

When you choose us, you choose over 15 years’ experience as creative packaging designers working on a wide variety of printed and non-printed packaging including:

  • Food packaging design – food photography, boxes and cartons, bottles, jars, sleeves, flow wrap, labels.
  • Cleaning product packaging design – aerosols, bottles, flow wraps.
  • Pet product packaging design – boxes and cartons, counter display units, display cards.
  • Electrical accessory packaging design – boxes and cartons, blister packs, clam shells.
  • Confectionery packaging design – flow wrap, cartons, foil wrapping, logo tapes, logo adhesive tapes, logo ribbons etc…

We have an in-house concept proofing design and mock ups service, with which we can produce robust 3 dimensional mock ups.

We can produce the most complicated of product packaging concepts for a wide range of product samples including:

  • Shaped bottle mock ups
  • Can mock ups
  • Aerosol mock ups
  • Flexible packaging mock ups
  • Shrink wrapped mock ups
  • Boxes and carton mock ups

Features such as white on clear, matt and bright metallics, matt or gloss finishes and clear panels can be integrated into the concept proof packs. This allows true packaging visualisation and a finish indistinguishable from the final product.

For more information visit our Packaging Design Gallery